Structure of the Type three secretion system (T3SS) of Enteropathogenic E.coli (EPEC)

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Structural sub-assembly of injectisome Subunit function/role Common name Protein EPEC
Export apparatus or Translocase Minor component, external to channel SctU EscU
Export apparatus or Translocase Translocase channel SctR EscR
Gatekeeper Subunit 1 of SctW chaperone heterodimer - SepD
OM ring Secretin SctC EscC
Translocators Translocon pore protein SctE EspD
ATPase complex Hexameric ring-structure ATPase SctN EscN
Needle Needle component SctF EscF
Cytoplasmic ring Connector of Pods with SctD SctK EscK
Gatekeeper Subunit 2 of SctW chaperone heterodimer - CesL
ATPase complex External stator connecting ATPase and Cytoplasmic ring SctL EscL
Export apparatus or Translocase Translocase channel SctT EscT
Export apparatus or Translocase Translocase channel SctS EscS
IM ring Major IM ring component SctD EscD
Translocators Translocon pore protein SctB EspB
OM-IM connector Inner rod SctI EscI
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper/Affinity switch SctW SepL
Translocators Tip/filament protein SctA EspA
Cytoplasmic ring Component of 6 Pod assembly SctQ SepQ
ATPase complex Central stalk, inserting in ATPase ring SctO EscO
IM ring Lipoprotein ring component SctJ EscJ
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